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The Charities


Every year, thousands of young people become homeless. Many are forced to sleep in overcrowded hostels, on people’s sofas or even on the streets. LandAid is the property industry charity working to end youth homelessness in the UK. It brings together remarkable businesses and individuals across the property industry to support projects delivering life-changing accommodation for young people facing homelessness. By awarding grants for building works and arranging free property expertise, LandAid enables charities supporting young people to renovate existing or build new, suitable, safe and affordable accommodation, helping thousands of young people to reach their potential

Bright Ideas for Tennis 

Founded in 2013, Bright Ideas for Tennis’ main goal is to support tennis clubs, increase participation, and improve playing facilities. We host many fundraising events including 24hr marathons, skydives, Gala dinners, and football matches. Our most recent project, I Play 30, provides free weekly tennis sessions for players with disabilities. We currently operate this project at 17 venues throughout the UK.

Tim Henman Foundation

The Tim Henman Foundation delivers programmes to better the lives of vulnerable young people and focuses on education and health. We raise young people’s aspirations through giving them access to new skills and opportunities, and providing them with the best and most sympathetic learning environment.

Cannes Community Fund

The Cannes Community Fund is the chosen charity of the Mayor of Cannes. Created by seven private patrons and the City of Cannes, the Community Fund works across a number of projects – helping local charities, supporting local schools and helping others in poorer areas of Cannes.